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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Mystery Of Krishna's Butter Ball

In Mahabalipuram  in Tamil Nadu, India, we can find a huge rock nearly spherical in shape which is 250 tons of weight has been sitting at 45 degrees slope on a slippery area of hill for over 1300 years.
 Krishna's Butter Ball
This mysterious rock is also known as "Vaanirai Kal". There are many mysterious questions surrounding this rock. How this rock was moved up the hill because it very difficult to move a 250 tons rock and it also requires complex equipment's like cranes but before 1200 years these where not there to lift the rock.

The most exciting thing is this huge rock stands on less than 4 feet area on the sliding area of the hill. How this rock is able to stand in that spot without moving a bit is also a big question mark because if you keep a ball near to that area where the rock is situated it will roll down then why not the rock is not moving a inch.

In 1908, the Governor of Madras ordered to move the rock down the hill as it was dangerous to the people whose houses where near to that area if the rock slides down. For that purpose he ordered to roll down by using 7 elephants as each elephant can pull up-to 6 tons. But after pulling also the rock didn't moved a inch. So another question strikes to the mind of people. If it is unable to pull down then who pushed this heavy rock up the hill.

One more interesting thing is Hill height is decreasing every year, it was a tall hill 1000 years back.

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