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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Mike- A Chicken Without Head Wondered The People

Have you seen a Chicken moving around you after you chop the HEAD of it. It happened in Colorado....

Mike, A Chicken Who Lived for 18 Months Without His Head!!!

It happened on 10th September, 1945-   A farmer of Fruita in Colorado, Lloyd Olsen's wife Clara was having her mother over for dinner that night, and Olsen knew that she always enjoyed a bit of roast chicken neck.

So, as usual he took his axe and chopped the head of a chicken by keeping in his mind that he should save most of the chicken neck

When he chopped the head of the chicken, he accidently missed the jugular vein(Large veins in the neck which supplies blood to head and neck), one ear and most of his brain stem.

Due to this, the chicken didn't died instead it started walking as usual.Olsen thought it would die after a couple of minutes. But it didn't happened, chicken even started pecking at the ground for food with his newly minted stump, and made preening motions. 

Next morning, Olsen saw that the chicken was asleep in the barn, having attempted to tuck his head under his wing as he always had.Olsen named the chicken as "Mike" .

Olsen thought of feeding the Mike, he started depositing food and water into Mike's exposed oesophagus via a little eyedropper. He even got small grains of corn sometimes as a treat.

Mike's cerebellum was positioned below his massive eye holes and was spared by Olsen’s axe means he was still perfectly able to perform basic motor functions and breathe. He was just a little bit more clumsy now because, you know, he had no eyes. 

Mike was able to survive for 18 Months by gaining its weight from 2.5 pounds to almost 8 pounds.

Still today people love Mike in Colorado. Every third weekend of May, locals will hold an annual Mike the Headless Chicken Festival, where they can enjoy music, contests, and food. 

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