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Saturday, 26 November 2016

Brinicle- Finger Of Death (Please Don't Touch It)

Finger Of Death-  If you touch it. You are finished!!! game over,  you will be having ice cold death within seconds. Brinicle , is a dangerous killer of death called as Icy Finger of death, nothing but what ever it touches, it changes into ice within seconds.

These Icy fingers are mostly occurred in the extremely cold ocean environments of Antarctica and the Arctic."Brinicle" is an underwater icicle, or ice stalactite where salt rich water leaks out of sea ice, sinks into the sea and create a strange and frightened finger of ice called Brinicle.

Usually during the winter season in the Antarctic and Arctic regions, sea ice begins to form, and the water began to form solid ice by excluding the salt in the water. 

The excluded salt forms viscous pools of brine(strong concentration of salts in water) inside the solid ice.  Eventually the solid  ice cracks and this more dense saline brine is released and falls downward into the sea water.

This Brincile starts moving towards the seabed and slowly it grows bigger over time as more water freezes around it. When it hits the seabed, this icy brine spreads killing sea urchins and starfish.

Brincile is a dangerous killer. Many urchins and sea stars scurry along the sea floor and those that come in contact with the icy fingers are killed in its path.

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